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Motoscope Northallerton Ltd
01609 780155
01609 780062
Motoscope (Northallerton) Ltd, Standard Way Ind Est, North Yorkshire
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Rolling Road services Available at Motoscope Our rolling road is a full 2 & 4WD rolling road, up to 750BHP (2WD) and 1500BHP (4WD). We can test both front and rear wheel drive vehicles. The price for a rolling road power run for a single car is £49.95 (inc VAT), Please note certain high power and 4wd cars will be £80 (inc VAT). Substantial discounts are available for Club events, which are usually held on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Rolling Road Carburettor Setup (Weber/Dellorto/Solex, etc) We are charging £96 (£80 + VAT) per hour. Rolling road carburettor setup is normally completed within 2 hours. Engine Management System (After Market) Programming for Omex/Lumenition/Emerald/DTA/MBE systems & many others. We are charging £96 (£80 + VAT) per hour. Our Dastek rolling road is specially designed to aid ECU programming. A session on our Rolling Road lets us simulate actual driving situations, by putting the engine under varying loads, allowing the fuelling and ignition timing to be plotted throughout the RPM range. Time on the rollers will save time and money by allowing us to optimise ignition timing and fuelling to improve power with economy, whilst keeping emissions low. Any parts needed will be charged separately. To book a rolling road session, ring our sales staff on (01609) 780155. Due to popular demand, Sessions are subject to a £55 deposit at time of booking. Individual sessions normally start at 9am, 11am, 1pm & 3pm.


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Your rating: None Average User's Rating: 6.7 (7 votes)

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