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Project Phoenix
Chertsey Bridge Road
KT16 8LF
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At Project Phoenix, were equipped with the latest state of the art two-wheel drive Dynapack Chassis Dynamometer. This machine we believe offers unmatched realiblty, safety and precise control while allowing us to measure up to 2000lb/ft of torque. The Hub dyno is a safe way to accurately measure the Torque and Horsepower of your vehicle, without the worry of a potential strap coming loose or failing while utilising a no wheel-spin setup. We believe this to be the most repeatable way of checking torque and horsepower figures for testing and upgrade purposes in the correct environment. We have extensive knowledge of fuel injection and carburettor systems. We currently tune multiple championships winning cars, in various formulas. Some of the services we offer are power runs at £60 for three runs with print-out and AFR plot, which allows us to help/guide you in where the car can be improved. We offer dyno hire for tuners without a dyno or for the enthusiast who wants to tune their vehicle. Starting from £70 an hour or a day rate can be offered. Please get in contact with Dom or Daz.


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Your rating: None Average User's Rating: 10 (1 vote)

Nice guys hub Dyno works well

Nice guys hub Dyno works well even in the heat

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