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Your rating: None Average User's Rating: 6.4 (48 votes)

TerraClean MPG Improvements

Just a quick follow up Tony, as you know on the 150 mile journey to you the car achieved 43.3 mpg, on the return leg of the journey I saw a 5% improvement at 45.5mpg. The car felt more responsive from low revs where there was a slight lag before.

Anyone thinking of getting power runs on their car I would highly recommend WG Tuning as Tony is very knowledgable and very approachable, he is happy to explain every part of the process.

Very Impressive,

The Diesel Doc

terraclean trial

Thanks for the great review Gary (The Diesel Doctor) Always great to show just what Terraclean can do for a vehicle, after all we are just cleaning, no performance parts to achieve this great result
thanks Tony

TerraClean Before and after Rolling Road Results

I visited WG Tuning on Saturday 18th Jan 2014 to evaluate the effects of TerraClean on an average turbo diesel common rail injection car. The car I took along with me was 2008 Ford Focus 2.0tdci with 115000 miles on the clock. The stock BHP for this car is 136bhp as advertised by ford. On the the first run with a warm engine, an ambient temperature of 50 deg F and an atmospheric pressure of 963mb the car produced a very respectable 137.2bhp at the flywheel and 109.4bhp at the wheels. We then performed a TerraClean diesel service on the car which took just under one hour. We then ran the car up on the rollers in 3rd gear giving sharp bursts of acceleration to clear the residue of the TerraClean cleaning agent from the fuel system. Run 2 under way and the car produced 146.2bhp at the flywheel and 121bhp at the wheels, just over 10bhp increase at the wheels and a much smoother power curve proving that TerraClean does Improve performance.

Rocco remap

thanks Dave for the great review, was a pleasure to do and equally made up with the outcome


Scirocco Blended Remap

Tony remapped my Rocco within the day and I am extremely pleased, this last weekend I completed a 380 mile trip using only half a tank of fuel.
Turbo lag although still there is very noticeably less, acceleration is smooth up through gears, and also more able to hold onto 4,5,6,gears longer.
Massive thanks to Tony

MAZDA 6 2.5 MZR Remap

Just had my Mazda 6 remapped by Tony @ WG TUNING in Chorley


The car has been completely transformed, more bhp, more torque, more smiles!!!! Everything about the car is different, its smoother up through the gears and much more responsive, a pleasure to drive! It was great watching Tony at work too, talking me through everything he was doing step by step and watching my car on the rolling road was brilliant.

I would highly recommend to anyone!!! A high tech, impressive and professional service!

Cheers Tony fantastic job all round!!!

Seat Leon FR 2.0 petrol remap

Tony remapped my leon fr and is brill, he has managed to get it to 258 hp the low and mid range power is now fantastic and have also seen a slight increase on fuel economy. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Cheers Tony.

Vxr Group RR Day at WG-Tuning

Just thought i would leave a message to say a big thanks to WG Tuning for hosting a rolling road day for Vxr Group. It was the first time i had been here, and i was very impressed. the level of service was brilliant, the facilities was great. could not fault in anyway. Highly recommended, we will be back! Thanks again!

Mk5 golf 1.9tdi remap

had my car remapped by Tony @ WG Tuning.

Just WOW...!! took my car from 105bhp from factory to a massive 150.2bhp!

the car is now so much different to drive at both ends of the scale! during the week after having my car remapped i managed to save over 33% on my weekly fuel bill and that's with me still using some of the extra power i now have!

also for those that are interested in how all of this works, tony did an amazing job of explaining each step that he took and explaining what the graphs etc stood for and how the BHP / Torque was calculated. he made me feel very involved with my own remap which i felt was brilliant!

to be honest i was a bit unsure on getting my car remapped at first and kept on foolishly convincing myself that it was all false economy. now i am just annoyed i didnt get it done two years ago when i got my car!!

if you haven't already done so, get in touch with Tony @ WG Tuning to transform your vehicle today!!

I would just like to

I would just like to recommend a company called WG tuning based in chorley. I found it to be An absolute professional service and would highly recommend anyone who wants that type of service. I had my Honda Accord 2.2 ictdi totally transformed. Torque increase up to 323 and bhp up to 185. I had a blended tune which gives me all the performance gains without affecting the fuel economy. Job well done.

Submitted by: Tony Kinsella

Engine Remap

I recently bought a 7 year old bmw 645ci which was in mint condition and seemed to drive really well. A friend of mine said that i'd probably lost a few horse power as the car was 7 years old but that I could get them back and more for a couple of hours at the garage getting the car remapped. I'm still not sure how it all works but essentially its like a software upgrade for your car that makes the engine run better for UK fuel and conditions? After the initial test it turned out that I had 307 BHP against the original 330 bhp, however, after remapping I had 348 bhp!! Now I thought that was good but it doesnt tell the whole story as the car also now has so much more torque pulling really hard from from way down the revs.

I know its a cliche but it really does feel like a different car, so responsive and with so much power on tap. I'm told that it also improves the fuel economy but im having so much fun at the moment that i'm probably negating the saving with my heavy right boot.

If you are a car enthusiast and you want to get more out of your car with no mechanical changes then get a software upgrade, bloody brilliant!!!!!!


After considering whether to change my car or up grade my present vehicle I'm glad a decided on the latter. The level of service I received at Weldbank Garage was excellent. They talked through every stage of the remap with me and I was very impressed in their equipment and rolling road facility. Above all the end result was fantastic the car feels so much smoother, pick up throughout the gears has improved and the turbo lag has gone. The remap has made my car feel so much more responsive and an all round better driving experience. Many thanks.

recent remap

Very impressed with the work and use of the rolling road in a recent remap of my car it now has an extra 42 bhp and is more responsive, smoother and a lot more enjoyable to drive. Thanks for the excellent work.

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