Frequently Asked Questions

No, you only need to place one listing.

When you are selecting the category, hold down the 'CTRL' key and you can select multiple categories.

Once you have registered with the Rolling Road Register and you have autheticated your email address you can login to the site.

1. On the right hand 'Dyno Owner' menu click 'ADD DYNO'.

2. On the 'Create Rolling Road' screen enter :-

  • Name
  • Rolling Road Type - to list in multiple categories hold down the 'CTRL' key while selecting categories
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Contact Email
  • Website
  • Location
  • Google Map location - click the + sign to zoom in and precisely position your location

3. If you have signed up to be a Featured Rolling Road Operator you have the optional additional information of :-

  • Description - this is an area to write text about your company, details of your rolling road, your specialities and more
  • Logo
  • Images - these will be listed in a gallery on your detail page
  • File Attachments - you can upload brochures, event flyers and suchlike here.

You can submit errors to us on the report an error form, if you are the owner of the dyno, you can claim your dyno and make all the adjustments yourself as and when required.

By becoming a premium member, among other benefits, your rolling road will be a 'featured dyno' getting more promotion in all listings and throughout the site.

Read more on Premium Membership today!

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