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+44 (0)118 977 6755
+44 (0)118 977 6755
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Fishponds Road
RG41 2QL
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Your rating: None Average User's Rating: 4.8 (8 votes)

Mr Swain's comments

Mr Swain. You continue to be a liar. You placed the order & we explained to you clearly there were 2 types of tensioner it may be. We mutually agreed to send the one we had in stock expressing to you not to remove it from the wrapper in case it is incorrect but to measure the standard one against it which is very easy done!! You then email us to say you HAVE removed it from the wrapper & it is is wrong & asked "what if any refund you would be entitled to" Your own words sir! I replied to you "its ok just send it back providing your willing to wait for the correct one to come which would be at least a couple of weeks as it has to be shipped with multiple other orders from the USA!"
When I get the tensioner back not only have you removed it from the wrapper but the anodising is also damaged! Great!!
You waited the 1 week which surprised me then you started screaming for a refund . Knowing your arrogant manner we agreed to refund you even though this is against what we agreed as your specially ordered tensioner was paid for by us & landing later that same week. Luckily it was sold on anyway. You have been refunded as you know despite the damaged goods you returned as I gave you the refund transaction number. Im sorry the refund was delayed but was a genuine clerical error sir & nothing to do with your obnoxious manner you displayed start to finish.

Good professional company.

Good professional company. Excellent set up of my bike. Parts delivered quick. Never a problem.

absolutely useless. the

absolutely useless. the website says allow 28 days for delivery of parts & boast about 100% customer satifaction, well 6 weeks after placing the order & a few emails/phone calls, the wrong part turned up. I called to tell them & I was told to try fitting the part & check measurements, even though I knew the part was wrong. tried it, didn't fit. emailed again & was told to send it back which I did at my expense. a week passed & still no correspondance to say they had received the part or had ordered the correct part, so I called them again & they said they were waiting for their next shipment from america & it would take another few weeks to get my part. at this point I cancelled the order & asked for my money back. its now november, I ordered the part september 8th, so nearly 3 months have passed with no part, no refund & absolutely no satisfaction. Oh & my favourite reply from these jokers is this "if we can't send a part within a customers time frame then it is what it is" hahahaha 28 days is your time frame you useless ****. if you're not buying a £6500 turbo kit from this lot then your not valued as a customer, steer well clear!!

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